Real Texans know there’s way, way more to their state than dry and dusty deserts. There are vibrant, green landscapes where fresh-tasting spring water flows from the ground. And we’re lucky enough to source Ozarka Brand® 100% Natural Spring Water from three of these natural beauties.

Near Piney Woods Springs, TX, 2015

Some Mighty Special Springs

If you asked us “Where does Ozarka® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water come from?” we could point you in three different directions. But it might be easier just to show you with this handy map of our springs.

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Our Sparkling Water may not come from Texas, but the sources meet all our standards and are identified on every label. Check it out the next time you’re enjoying a bottle.

Roher Spring


You can find Roher Spring under the big blue Texas sky not too far from Dallas. It’s right around the corner from the colorful Purtis Creek State Park, which is a great place to go for a swim or to cast your fishing line.

Roher Spring

Moffit Spring

Springing up near the woods

Nestled between two national forests, Moffit Spring exemplifies East Texas beauty at its finest. Loblolly pine trees grow tall (some over 100 feet high!) and thickets cover the red dirt earth. Sunsets around here are pretty great, too.


Piney Woods Springs

In the heart of East Texas

Piney Woods Springs is as beautiful as it sounds, surrounded by acres of farmland and pasture; in fact, the region is home to hundreds of dairy cows. The winding country roads and friendly folks make it a serene slice of Texas we’re happy to call home.

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