We weren’t always from Texas, but there are a lot of reasons we made it our home. So sit back, take a long sip of water and see what we love most about the Lone Star State.


Deep in the heart of Texas, locals and visitors alike line up for a breakfast of brisket, ribs and southern hospitality at Snow’s BBQ. And, like Ozarka® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, it’s an Ozarka Country tradition that’s 100% Texan.


Boots in Texas are more than footwear — they’re a way of life. Custom, hand-made boots and the locals who wear them are 100% Texan, just like Ozarka® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water.


In Corpus Christi, members of the local music scene keep an age-old tradition alive. Thanks to people like Teresa Saldivar and El Dusty, the dance floors of Texas are refreshed with Cumbia rhythms old and new.


Trophy fish and plenty of good folks. You’ll find those in Texas and especially at Lake Fork. Anglers like Mark & Barbara Stevenson spend their days fishing with friends — a favorite pastime in Ozarka Country.


Tucked away in the Hill Country, a band of Texans keep Ozarka Country traditions alive. Bandera, known as the Cowboy Capital of the World, is uniquely Texan — just like Ozarka® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water.

Why we call texas home