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Container Manufacturing

I've been in tornadoes before, but the damage, how quick it happened and what it did to the facility was mind boggling. But everybody was here for each other and thank goodness nobody was hurt.

The biggest shock is that in less than three months most everything is back up and running. Everybody pitched in where they could, helping to do whatever they could to clean up as fast as possible. Cleaning their machines, warehouse, whatever, whenever, however long it took.

When you think of a disaster, you think of everything being disoriented. That’s not the case here. People came together around a common goal to get the facility going. You think nobody really cares as long as they get a check. Well that wasn't true. Everybody just wanted to get things running, do their part and get the water back out there. Texas pride goes a long way.

From the tornado to the end of this to have nobody hurt was a testament to the safety program and the care. We watch each other's back up here. In the end, it worked out the best it could. Nobody hurt. Everybody is employed and we’re producing quality water.

Greg, Container Manufacturing

GREG, Container Manufacturing