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Southwest Regional Planning Manager

It’s been amazing to see the care and commitment Ozarka invests in employees and the community. While you’re in the rebuilding process, it can be difficult to remain active in the community, but our leadership team made that a priority. We regularly attended Chamber events for the city of Hawkins, and participate in an academic banquet in May where we passed out scholarships to students. That was important to us.

Every year, we also host a golf tournament that raises close to $40,000 in support of the Northeast Texas Children’s Advocacy Center. They’re a nonprofit that relies on this event for a large part of their budget. Due to prolific rains, and then the storm, we had to push the event from April to October. We didn’t take it lightly, knowing that they financially relied on our participation and our vendors’ participation in the tournament. That’s why it was incredible when our vendors paid their tournament entry fees ahead of time so that the Advocacy Center could have the money for their budget earlier.

As we continue to work on the tournament for October, the support has been overwhelming. It’s truly touching that it’s being seen as an opportunity to celebrate the facility’s return to stability.

I’ve been in this company for three years and every year there’s some type of natural disaster. We shine through adversity because that’s just our spirit. That’s what makes the Hawkins facility great. But the great things we can do when we’re not up against forces of nature? I’m ready to show the rest of the nation just how great our team is.

Danna, Southwest Regional Planning Manager

DANNA, Southwest Regional Planning Manager