greatness is in our nature.

We all know Texas is huge. With more than 250,000 square miles of sweeping landscapes, there's a lot of ground to cover (and a lot of greatness to uncover.) The people who live here have big hearts and big personalities. And we want to recognize some of those folks who are naturally great — just like the natural spring water that makes our Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water so special.

speaking of greatness...

meet the yellowhammers. the tiniest band in texas.

Okay, so maybe not everything is bigger in Texas. Rotan High School boasts the state's smallest marching band. They're a ragtag team that enlists cheerleaders, football players (and even the mascot) to fill out their ranks. And they put on one heckuva halftime show for one simple reason: to be a part of something special.

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you don't have to look far to find #localgreatness

Texas is a state unlike anywhere else, from its football fields to its music venues. What do you think makes the Lone Star State special? (And, let's be honest, there are millions of reasons.) Share it by tagging it with #LocalGreatness.

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